• Jacob Opoku


    The director of Jopps Football Management Ghana was an initiative by three strong balers who have been the brain this idea of management . Jacob has found himself in the football area since he was born, he made many advancements in his career around the area of football and now is a football manager .

  • Christian Nortey Lokko

    Head Coach

    Christian Nortey Lokko is the head coach of the football management since 2018 till date, he has coached teams like Crystal Palace, Kingfeizer Fc and so many. He is a CAF licensed A and other certificates to his credit. Coach has the humor and personally has been a footballer in his youthful days where he was a great striker in Ghana, Nigeria and some other African Countries .

  • Andrews Asiedu

    Team Psychologist

    Andrews has been in the field of psychology in sports and now majored at football, He's an enthused in football and the well-being of footballers . He's had 2 years with jopps management in changing their perception towards their aims and taking of negativity from their actions. He made impact in players who had injuries that felt it could damage their lives.

  • Samuel Cobbinah

    Assistant Coach

    He has had his education on the coaching in different countries and had been assigned to various premiere clubs . He feels Jopps is his best stop for improving himself as a personal coach for players under vacation periods .

  • Akwesi Osei Protocol

    Player Scouting

    He has been with the club for 4 years now as the clubs main scout for the under 17 to 19 players across africa in line with his goals for the company. He manage to secure 5 strong talented players the Europe trials 2019 at Legon Ayax Park.

  • Moses Omari Appiah

    Media Coverage

    As a coverage and player profiler for all the players under the management of Jopps . He’s an award winning personality in the film and radio industry aside his work for the football management . All angles of shots and short videos are made and editors by him and his team . He’s been with the management for a number of 5 years .


    Fitness Coach

    Certified Fitness coach and consultant with 6 years coaching experience. Worked with dreams fitness Uk. And featured on daily Tv reality workout on abnTv. He has been with jopps for 3 years now for working on players stamina , footworks and stability of strength on the pitch .